Topic outline

  • General

    Ynganu / Pronunciation

    This is a quick online course that will help you learn or improve your Welsh pronunciation, whatever your level. You can try the course here online, or you can download it below and listen to it on a cd or mp3 player.

    • Alphabet

      There are 29 letters in the Welsh alphabet. This is the order they're found in.

      A B C Ch D Dd E F Ff G Ng H I J L Ll M N O P Ph R Rh S T Th U W Y

      The double letters (like ff and th) count as single letters, so in Welsh the word ffaith has only four letters - ff  a  i  th.

      Notice also, that we don't use k, q, vx or except in names.

      • Vowels

        There are seven vowels in Welsh: a e i o u w y. These vowels can either be short or long. Click below to practise them.

      • Vowel combinations

        Here's how to pronounce vowels when they come next to each other.

      • Emphasis

        When you put the vowels and consonants together to make a word, you need to get your emphasis right too. Click below to find out more.

      • Downloads

        Here you can download the audio files for this course. These are useful if you want to put them on a CD or mp3 player, to listen to wherever you are.

        There are also pdf guides to Welsh pronunciation. Although no replacement for hearing the sounds, these are useful when you don't have access to the audio files. The first file is a general pronunciation guide which is suitable for most learners. The second is a technical one for linguists or people that already speak more than one language.